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There is no one person identified as the inventor of the Iraqi dinar scam, since there are multiple scams. However, Bradford Huebner, Charles Emmenecker and Rudy Coenen are people responsible for creating a notable Iraqi dinar scam. The three men collected close to $24 million in funds from markup f


According to a May 9, 2014, report from Huntsville, Ala., WHNT News, it is possible that one or more small U.S. banks trade in Iraqi dinars, but the station was unable to locate a bank that does. Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America state on their websites that they do not deal in the dinar, and HSB


The Dinar RV-O-Meter tracked the progress of the Dinar (Iraqi currency) on the website Currency Newshound. It was calculated on a percentage scale (from 0% - 100%) and was adjusted based on positive or negative events affecting the Iraqi Dinar.


Currently no US bank will exchange Iraqi Dinars. They can be exchanged through ebay.com, private collectors and some international banks, including the Central Bank of Iraq.


Investing in Iraqi dinars offers no benefit to Americans. The federal government and multiple state governments classify Iraqi dinars investments as scams. The Federal Bureau of Investigation encourages investors contacted about Iraqi dinars opportunities to file a report.


The premise of the Dinar Detectives website is to provide a forum for those interested in providing or reviewing information concerning the buying, selling, trading and valuations of the new Iraqi dinar, that was instituted in 2004. The website makes no claims as to the legitimacy of its contents.


Some dinar recaps and updates include that business scams involving the dinar have been going on for more than four years as of November 2015, that the currency has not been revalued and that it is not likely to be revalued in the near future. Dinar sellers have spread misinformation on the Internet


DinarRecaps.com is a blog that focuses on the investment properties of the dinar currency in Islamic countries. Similar to the American website Forbes, Dinar Recaps is up to date with available stock options and growing dinar markets from countries around the world.


The idea that the Iraqi dinar may undergo a revaluation is at the heart of a number of financial scams. While the currency could undergo a revaluation in the future, as of 2015, those who attempt to invest in the currency from abroad stand little chance of profiting.


The revaluation of the Iraqi dinar is ready to be implemented by the country's Central Bank; however, the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Commission has decided to postpone the revaluation to 2019. The plan is to eliminate zeros from the value of the Iraqi currency, allowing the dinar to gain