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Forensic photography is a type of photography that showcases accidents and crime scenes. This type of photography creates a visual record of evidence usable by the police and in court.


Community colleges and universities, as well as many online institutions, such as ITT Technical Institute, Kaplan University, Southern New Hampshire University and the University of Phoenix, offer these programs. In general, criminal justice, crime scene investigation, and forensic science certifica


Three good options for storing digital photography are to keep photos on a hard drive, put the photos on an external hard drive or store the photos online. If keeping photos on a hard drive, it is important to back up the hard drive.


The Nikon D3300, Sony Alpha a5100, Canon PowerShot G7 X, Olympus TG-3 Tough and the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W800 are some good digital cameras. TomsGuide.com lists these models as some of the best digital cameras of 2015.


As of August 2015, digital cameras that are easy to use include the Vivitar ViviCam X029, Olympus Tough TG-2, Nikon D3200, Canon PowerShot Elph 330 HS and Samsung Galaxy Camera. Vivitar's camera is simple enough for children to use.


Digital cameras translate pixel information from a photographic snapshot into a language that computers are able to understand. Digital cameras use the same lens technology as conventional film cameras, but once the image is snapped, a digital camera stores the light electronically on a semiconducto


Photography is the series of actions involving light or electromagnetic radiation to record images of objects on various surfaces. Photography always requires light to duplicate the real-life image being taken. Photography enlists the use of a camera to capture the image needed to produce the recrea


Photography allows people to communicate what is important to them, helps to preserve history, facilitates communication, enables people to become artists and moves people in ways that words sometimes cannot. Though becoming a great photographer requires practice, anybody who has a camera can tap in


Computer forensics is the analysis of information created and stored within computer systems with the objective of collecting computer evidence. A computer forensic investigator extracts and preserves digital data, which he then interprets during the forensic analysis. He finally presents an officia


The purpose of a digital camera is to store pictures and video in electric format instead of to film. A camera that is always connected to a computer with no storage could also be technically referred to as a digital camera, although this is typically called a Webcam.