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There are five main types of electrical wiring that are commonly used, especially in a home, including triplex wire, main feeder wire and panel feed wires. Other types of wire include nonmetallic sheathed wire and single strand wire.


One type of coated wire fencing is wire mesh coated in vinyl materials, such as polyester or PVC. The vinyl is welded or weaved into the wire mesh and protects against rust and corrosion. Zinc, aluminum, polymers and polyethylene are other common materials used for coat...


Wire-haired terriers include most terriers like the Airedale, affenpinscher, miniature schnauzer and the border terrier. Wire-haired terriers have hard, wiry coats that need occasional plucking and brushing.


Different types of welded wire panels for livestock include cattle, hog, utility and rolled fence panels. Additional wire panel types include horse, sheep and goat, combination and Hi-Five mesh panels. The panels can also be used as perimeter fencing around the edges of...


The two most common types of lights that do not require hard wiring are battery operated and solar powered. Both types come in a variety of styles and applications and are available to purchase from many retailers, including Home Depot, Wayfair.com, Amazon.com and Costc...


Common electrical wire sizes and types include THHN or THWN and cable, which both come in gauges 10, 12 and 14. Cable is also available in gauges 6 and 8.


The different colors on trailer wires indicate the different circuit functions to which they correspond. For example, a standard four-way trailer connector has the colors white, brown, yellow and green that correspond to ground, tail/running lights, left turn/brake ligh...