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Use the websites Facebook.com, PeakYou.com, KGBPeople.com and Spokeo.com to find people on the Internet. People can also use search engines such as Google or Yahoo to look someone up.


Affiliate marketing, Internet marketing, blogging and Web design are some different types of Internet businesses. Internet businesses have become popular as of 2015 because of their low starting costs.


Some different ways to connect to the Internet are dial-up, broadband, 3G and Long Term-Evolution technologies as of 2015 . A dial-up Internet connection uses a dial-up modem to connect to the Internet through a regular telephone line.


There are nine different types of Internet connections available including, ISDN, satellite, DSL, cable, dial-up, broadband, mobile, wireless and hot spots. Which one a consumer uses depends greatly on location and budget.


VerizonFios offers Internet speeds of up to 300 megabits per second, and Cox offers Internet speeds of up to 150 megabits per second, as of 2015. Comcast XFinity offers speeds of up to 105 megabits per second, and Mediacom offers speeds of up to 105 megabits per second.


As Microsoft adds new features and technologies to the Internet Explorer browser, new versions are released. Minor enhancements and security patches are released periodically as updates. As of November 2014, a mobile version of Internet Explorer also exists.


Clear no longer provides Internet service plans. The company has joined Sprint, and Sprint offers unlimited data plans for phones, as well as data only plans for mobile broadband cards, laptops, tablets and other devices. As of 2014, data plans range from 100 megabytes to 12 gigabytes of data and co


The Internet has changed the breadth and speed in which Americans acquire information in areas such as news, encyclopedic knowledge and social awareness. For example, in one study, 69 percent of Americans reported having utilized laptops or computers to access news in the past week, according to the


It is typically better to purchase a computer from an online store rather than an offline store because it saves time and money, with convenient delivery directly to the consumer's door. The consumer should still investigate the reliability of the online store by reviewing its customer feedback befo


In order to have a wireless Internet connection in the home a wireless router must be used. The router is connected to the modem which is bringing the Internet connection into the home.