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Different types of trade schools are welding, construction, health care, electrical repair, HRVAC, culinary arts, mechanical repair and computer technology. Trade schools are also known as vocational schools or technical schools. They offer students a series of courses that focus on learning the ski


Communication skills is an umbrella term covering several specific types of skills involved in receiving messages and effectively delivering them to others. Primary skills that involve communication include listening, articulation, a confident presence, nonverbal strategies and interpersonal interac


Some types of reading skills include comprehending main points of what is being read, recognizing letters and words, being able to sound out words, reading fluently and understanding the meaning of words. Students usually first learn the sounds associated with each letter and move on to understand g


Websites such as TypingTest.com and SpeedTypingOnline.com offer free typing tests. The sites also provide training for those wishing to improve their typing speed and accuracy.


Practice tests to improve typing skills are available at TypingTest.com and FreeTypingGame.net. At TypingTest.com, site visitors access a one-minute test in various languages on a variety of subjects that include baseball rules, zebras, tigers and Aesop’s fables.


A put gives investors the right to sell a security, usually a stock, at a certain price by a certain date, while a call gives investors the right to buy a security at a certain price by a certain date, explains S. Wade Hansen for Forbes. They are the two categories of options used in options trading


E*Trade offers various investment, trading, retirement, educational savings and business retirement accounts. Account owners manage their accounts using the investment research and tools provided or choose managed accounts from E*Trade Capital Management, which include the Managed Investment Account


TypingTest.com and PowerTyping.com are two of the many websites that offer typing tests. These tests are free and do not require the user to make an account or disclose any personal information.


Trade schools offer a streamlined approach to education, teaching students job-specific skills, while colleges provide an opportunity to explore different subjects and career paths. Colleges generally have higher tuition fees and a larger class size than those offered at trade schools.


The U.S. Department of Labor and Job Corps offer different types of free training for individuals interested in trade schools.