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Some types of exterior siding include stucco siding, vinyl siding, wood siding, brick siding, fiber cement siding and stone veneer siding. Vinyl siding is popular in the United States due to its cheaper cost and its array of colors.


From an electrical point of view, there are two types of outdoor lights, including 120-volt AC and 12-volt DC lights. The first type has the same voltage as appliances in the house do, so the light can connect directly to an outlet. As for the second type, users have to...


Vinyl, wood, brick, fiber-cement and stucco are popular siding materials, according to the website of Home and Garden TV. Stone and stone-veneer siding are also popular, due to their natural looks.


Some exterior siding options include stucco, stone veneer, brick and cement fiber. There are also multiple forms of wood siding, including engineered wood and cedar shakes.


To install interior siding, place insulating and protective materials between the siding and the wall. The application of the actual siding depends upon the type used. Different techniques are required for vinyl, cement, wood and plastic siding. Start at the bottom and ...


The best exterior home colors complement the home's landscape, the hues of other houses in the neighborhood, the roof, the chimney and the driveway. A region's seasons, history, culture and terrain should also influence color choices.


Some siding options for the exterior of a house include wood, vinyl and brick. More elaborate siding options include stucco, stone and fiber-cement.