Four types of listening include pseudo, appreciative, empathetic and comprehensive. These types of listening define the way noises can be interpreted and help a person understand the meaning of the noise. More »

The five different types of listening are informative, relationship, appreciative, critical and discriminative, states Air University, which provides U.S. Air Force education at Maxwell Air Force Base. The purpose of the... More » World View Social Sciences Psychology

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The two main types of listening are discriminative and comprehensive. On top of the two basic types of listening, there are more specific types: informational, critical, therapeutic and appreciative. Furthermore, there a... More »

The various types of communication systems include tactical, duplex, radio, optical and half duplex. These systems enable the passage of messages from one point to another to achieve a given goal. More »

Common barriers to communication include the use of jargon, lack of interest, physical disabilities that limit seeing or hearing, false assumptions and cultural differences. Barriers to communication become evident when ... More »

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