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This is a list of common fish names.While some common names refer to a single species or family, others have been used for a confusing variety of types; the articles listed here should explain the possibilities if the name is ambiguous.


A species is the most specific biological category and refers to a group of similar animals that can breed with each other, but not with other species. Most species of fish have adapted to many types of aquatic habitats and therefore can be very different from one another. One basic distinction can be made between freshwater and saltwater fish.


different types of cold water fish - Different Types of Lake Fishstock photo fish collection with many different tropical fish 9150616 stock photo fish col. ... Browse the best freshwater aquarium fish for your cold water types of fish that need different water .


Lake Michigan is home to coho salmon, yellow perch, rainbow trout, brown trout, smallmouth bass, multiple sunfish species, steelhead species, chinook salmon and lake trout. Lake Michigan is stocked annually with more than 15 million fish. The most common fish that are stocked include brown trout, coho salmon and chinook salmon.


Freshwater Fishes of Texas by Earl Chilton II, Ph.D. provides illustrated accounts of 46 species. A companion poster is also available. Download order form (PDF 300.2 KB) Watch "Freshwater Fishing" Video


Fish of the Great Lakes Region — in the Eastern United States and Eastern Canada regions of North America. Fish species that are native to the Great Lakes and their direct tributaries . For non-native and/or invasive species of fish, see: Category: Invasive fish species ; Category: Invasive animal species in North America .


Lake Barkley & Kentucky Lake Fish Species . Kentucky has a total of 242 species of fish, which represents one of the most diverse assemblages in North America. Many are obscure minnows and darters, which are not commonly seen by anglers. The following list features the most common Lake Barkley & Kentucky Lake fish species.


The different types of fish species can be divided into 2 categories – Flatfish and Round fish types. From here, we can further break down this category to include fresh water and salt water as well as fatty fish types and lean types of fish.


Fish of Ontario. Ontario is known worldwide for its exceptional range and diversity of fishing experiences. While the province has more than 158 species of freshwater fish, it's these top picks that lure the most anglers. Find out more about the habits, habitat and record catches of Ontario's favourite fish species.


Four species of trout occur or have been reported from Kentucky waters. None of these fish are native to the state and optimal environmental conditions for their survival are marginal. One species, the Lake Trout, has been stocked in Dale Hollow Lake and Lake Cumberland, but its continued existence in these reservoirs is uncertain.