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Based primarily on nature of land, climatic characteristics and available irrigational facilities, the farmers in India practise different types of farming. (1) Subsistence Farming: Majority of farmers in the country practise subsistence farming. It is characterised by small and scattered land holdings and use of primitive tools. As the farmers are poor, they do […]


The sustainable farming systems are perfect for all farms and produce different types of fuels, foods, and fibers. The sustainable farming system uses innovative science-based practices to maximize productivity while reducing environmental destruction.


On the basis of Cafeteria, Agriculture is of various types. You can implement the different types of agricultural practices by the area of location. While it differs from the soil and sometimes it depends on the climatic conditions. So we are doing to describe some types of agricultural practices and types of agriculture.


ADVERTISEMENTS: Some of the various types of farming practices seen in India are as follows : ADVERTISEMENTS: Physical and human factors have played their respective roles to give rise to different types of farming in different parts of the country. A brief account of major types of farming is as under: 1. Subsistence farming: Majority […]


This type of agriculture is commonly known as mixed farming, and originated in the humid areas of the middle latitudes, except Asia. Its development is closely related to the market facilities, and it is a typically European type of farming. Great Britain and New Zealand are examples of areas where this type of farming is common practice.


ADVERTISEMENTS: Farming practices in India. India is an agricultural country not so much because agriculture gives more income than other activities but because about 60% of people still depend for their livelihood on agriculture. Related posts: Complete information on Types of Farming (India) Notes on the different types of Agriculture followed in India Difference between […]


Farming Systems in India are strategically utilized, according to the locations where they are most suitable. The farming systems that significantly contribute to the agriculture of India are subsistence farming, organic farming, industrial farming. Regions throughout India differ in types of farming they use; some are based on horticulture, ley farming, agroforestry, and many more.


But a growing number of innovative farmers and scientists are taking a different path, moving toward a farming system that is more sustainable—environmentally, economically, and socially. ... Sustainable agriculture 101. OK, so sustainable agriculture is the wave of the future. ... Sustainable agriculture practices.


Toward Sustainable Agricultural Systems in the 21st Century assesses the scientific evidence for the strengths and weaknesses of different production, marketing, and policy approaches for improving and reducing the costs and unintended consequences of agricultural production. It discusses the principles underlying farming systems and practices ...


GCSE Geography revision section looking at agriculture, farming, types of farming and characteristics such as inputs, processes and outputs.