In the business world, there are a wide variety of different types of letters for a multitude of purposes. Each one has subtle nuances and suggestions that can be used to communicate points in a personal and effective wa... More »

Foundation hand, formal italic, sharpened Gothic, German blackletter and celtic uncial are some different lettering styles. Lettering styles or typefaces are mainly classified into serif, sans serif, script and decorativ... More » Education Writing

Examples of different lettering styles include serif, fixed-width, sans-serif, cursive and fantasy. Different lettering styles in calligraphy writing include brush, Celtic, Chinese, Gothic and renaissance. More »

To draw bubble letters, use rounded blocks as a starting point, and cut in the letter shapes. Make sure to achieve a balance between the 'fatness' of the letters and their legibility. More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

Download printable letter templates from, and cut the letters out of the sheets to make cut-out letter templates. The letters in the templates are all uppercase, and are available in various sizes be... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

The capital letters A, M, T, U, V, W and Y are vertically symmetrical, the capital letters B, C ,D, E and K are horizontally symmetrical, the capital letters H, I and X are both horizontally and vertically symmetrical, a... More »

To create and print large letters with a computer, use word processor software such as Microsoft Word, type the desired letter, increase its size by modifying the font options, and then print the file. Modify the page ma... More »