According to Orkin, a number of different species may inhabit a bathroom, and most do so because of the moisture that is available. The carpenter ant, a large, black ant that lives in wood and is drawn to moisture, is on... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Ants

Getting rid of ants depends on the species of ants: They have different repellents, habits and food sources. Therefore, identify the type of ant infesting your home. Next, minimize the areas that draw moisture, and fix a... More »

Food and water attract ants. Different ant species prefer different types of food, but most of them eat organic matter or nectar. This means that anything from household and garden waste to spilled soda can attract ants. More »

The term fire ant refers to a number of species of stinging ants. Although the United States has several native species of fire ant, none of these are as aggressive and dangerous as the red imported fire ant, or RIFA, a ... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Ants

Not all ants can use acids, however, the species known as "crazy ants" are able to use acids to protect themselves from fire ants. They make the acid internally in the abdomen, and the acid is brought up through the mout... More »

Silverfishes, also called fishmoths or Lepsima saccharina, are small, wingless insects with a silver and blue color, and army ants refer to over 200 different species of ants that share a common foraging technique of agg... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Ants

There are more than one species of small brown ants such as the odorous house ant or the big headed ant. Other possibilities are the pavement ant or the thief ant. Some ants can range in color from yellow to dark brown. More »