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Some courses in music include Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Music and Technology, Open University’s An Introduction to Music Theory, Yale University’s Listening to Music and Harvard University’s The Unanswered Question Lectures. These free online courses offer students the opportunity to s


Some of the causes of early periods include hormone imbalances, stress and diet. Birth control can also cause early or irregular periods.


In the geological time scale, periods are the third largest interval used to divide the Earth's history into segments of time. The year 2015 is in the Quaternary Period which began 1.6 million years earlier.


Types of musical instruments include brass, percussion, woodwind, bowed string, keyboard and guitar, with a number of instruments comprising each type. Modern symphony orchestras typically include the first four types.


Country music is believed to have officially begun in 1927, when Victor Records signed the Carter Family and Jimmie Rogers. The genre became very popular in the 1940s and 50s, and many aspects of country music have influenced other genres, as well as American culture.


A measure in music is the space between two vertical bar lines on a staff. A measure of music is comprised of beats and rhythms according to the time signature at the beginning of the staff.


A menstrual period is a monthly cycle triggered by female reproductive organs, so it doesn't occur in men. A woman's body automatically prepares an egg for fertilization but discharges the egg and vaginal lining if she doesn't become pregnant, according to KidsHealth.


At some point after a female dog comes into heat, there is a bloody vaginal discharge. The amount of bleeding differs from dog to dog. In some cases it is not even noticeable to the dog owner.


Dogs do not get menstrual periods like human beings, but they have what is called an estrus cycle. This cycle involves a period of false pregnancy during which the dog can start producing milk.


The most common causes of late periods include pregnancy, excessive stress, thyroid and hormonal imbalances and the use of birth control, notes Women's Health magazine. Older women experiencing late periods may be entering the first stages of menopause.