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Different types of trade schools are welding, construction, health care, electrical repair, HRVAC, culinary arts, mechanical repair and computer technology. Trade schools are also known as vocational schools or technical schools. They offer students a series of courses that focus on learning the ski


A put gives investors the right to sell a security, usually a stock, at a certain price by a certain date, while a call gives investors the right to buy a security at a certain price by a certain date, explains S. Wade Hansen for Forbes. They are the two categories of options used in options trading


An Exchange Traded Funds list provides key details about the funds, including the name of the fund, its ticker name on the NASDAQ, the last trade price at closing, how much it returned or lost and its trade volume for the day, according to Yahoo. Other ETF lists may include slightly different inform


Some examples of different kinds of values include religious values, family values, material values, personal values and cultural values. These categories, though distinct, often overlap with one another. For example, a young adult may adopt some of his or her family's values, making them personal v


Trade schools offer a streamlined approach to education, teaching students job-specific skills, while colleges provide an opportunity to explore different subjects and career paths. Colleges generally have higher tuition fees and a larger class size than those offered at trade schools.


According to Northwest Missouri State University, a leaf can be simple or compound. This is determined by the leaf’s blade and petiole attachment. Simple leaves have buds that are located where the petiole meets the stem of a single leaf. Compound leaves have the same petiole attachment, but are div


To identify types of leaves, first observe whether the leaves are needle-like and either single or in bundles, scale-like, broad and flat, or flattened with several narrow needle-like leaves extending outward. As of 2015, Oplin.org offers an Identify by Leaf page with images to assist in identifying


Coated, uncoated, specialty and oriental are all different types of paper. There are many different types of paper for both commercial printing and artistic purposes.


Fine art includes many broad categories, such as painting, print, drawing, photography, craft, design, performance art, mixed-media, sculpture, installation, and new media. Each category includes various styles and classifications. For instance, some of the different styles within the painting genre


While there are many types of doctors, one of the major divisions is between allopathic or medical doctors (M.D.) and osteopathic doctors (D.O.). The D.O. has all the same privileges as the M.D. Both types of doctors may enter general practice or specialize in a field of practice, depending on the r