A faded type of haircut is what Drake has. This style is also called a tapered fade or a bald fade, and clippers are required. More »

To decide what type of hair cut you should get, look at pictures of haircuts, talk to your hairstylist and then decide if the hairstyle you like could work for you. There are many factors to take into consideration when ... More »

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CosmoProf sells professional hair and nail brands such as American Crew, CND, Sexy Hair, Nioxin and Paul Mitchell. CosmoProf is a retailer that sells exclusively to licensed cosmetologists both online and in stores. More »

Drake has a faded haircut. This type of haircut is cut with clippers on very short settings, and is also called a bald fade or tapered fade. More »

A buzz haircut, also known as a buzz cut, refers to any type of short hairstyle that is designed using electric hair clippers. A buzz cut can help hide the early signs of hair loss. Additionally, it is a fairly low-maint... More »

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According to InStyle, you must measure the dimensions of your face to know what type of haircut suits its shape. Once you determine the shape of your face, you can choose whether it looks best with a short, medium or lon... More »

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To find photographs of people with a short bob haircut, type "short bob hairstyles" into the Google search bar and press Enter. Underneath the search bar is a number of options; click on Images to find hundreds of photog... More »