Common bond types include U.S. government bonds, municipal bonds and corporate bonds, according to Investopedia. Different bonds, such as convertible and callable bonds, also offer varying payment schedules and terms. More » Business & Finance Investing

Some different types of bonds include U.S. Treasury bills, savings bonds and municipal bonds, according to Other bonds are the junk bonds, high-yield bonds and government bonds. More » Business & Finance Investing

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Some fixed-rate bonds include U.S. Treasury bills and corporate bond funds that offer fixed interest rates, as Advisory HQ describes. The U.S. Treasury Department issues series I and series EE fixed-rate bonds to investo... More » Business & Finance Investing

Depending upon the type of bond, either electronic or paper, you can redeem or cash in E and EE government savings bonds online, by mail or in person at many financial institutions. You can find more information about go... More » Business & Finance Investing