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The alloy brass is comprised of the elements zinc and copper.They can be found in a variety of combinations, with the most basic being 67 percent copper and 33 percent zinc. Sometimes a small amount of lead will also be added to the brass alloy.


Brass is an alloy that is a mixture of the metals zinc and copper. Using brass makes sense for many manufacturers since it is durable and easily transformed into objects.


Alloys mix metals with other elements to help harden and otherwise make them more useful. For example, gold is too soft to make good jewelry on its own, but it can be mixed with other elements, including harder metals like zinc and nickel, to help make it strong enough ...


Brass is made of zinc and copper. Some manufacturers add lead to brass to make it easier to finish with machines. Brass is an alloy, or a substance formed by melting at least one metal with other elements.


Brass, bronze, pewter, and the various types of steel are all common alloys. Alloys differ from pure metals, such as gold, silver and aluminum, because they are mixtures of two or more metals.


Alloys are important because they have properties that differ from those of pure metals. Because of these properties, they can be adapted to specific uses where a pure metal would be either unsuitable or cost-prohibitive.


Age brass by scrubbing it with acetone until all the shiny metal spots are removed, and soak the brass item in apple cider vinegar to darken its color. You need a scrubber pad, acetone, a sponge, warm water, detergent, a rag, a bowl, paper towels, apple cider vinegar an...