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Chart showing the major differences between Catholic and Protestant (specifically Reformed and Lutheran) theological beliefs. ... Chart showing the views of various denominations on issues like abortion, homosexuality and the death penalty. ... “Christianity Comparison Charts.” ReligionFacts.com. 18 Nov. 2016. Web.


This list gives only an overview, and certainly does not mention all of the Protestant denominations. The exact number of Protestant denominations, including the members of the denominations, is difficult to calculate and depends on definition. A group that fits the generally accepted definition of "Protestant" might not officially use the term.


The position of the Anglican church as a Protestant denomination is disputed, with some viewing it as a via media or “middle way” between the Catholic and Protestant traditions. 3. The Baptist denominations are generally considered to lie within Protestantism, though some argue that the practice of “believers baptism” i.e Baptism on ...


Christian denominations differ in what they use for the basis of their doctrines and beliefs. The biggest split is between Catholicism and the denominations that have roots in the Protestant Reformation.


Obviously, there are significant theological differences between the main branches of Christianity – Catholicism, Protestantism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodox Church, Anglicanism, Nontrinitarianism, and Nestorianism. In fact, many might argue that some denominations are not Christianity at all.


Protestantism includes many groups which do not share any ecclesiastical governance and have widely diverging beliefs and practices. Christianity has denominational families (or movements) and also has individual denominations (or communions). The difference between a denomination and a denominational family is sometimes unclear to outsiders.


By Richard Wagner, Kurt Warner . Part of Christianity For Dummies Cheat Sheet . Different Christian denominations are organized and worship in different ways. This handy list will help you keep track of and compare some differences in worship, rituals, and beliefs of the largest groups of the Christian Church.


To talk about all the individual denominations would take a long time, but there are a few broad categories that can be easily talked about. Polity. One of the major differences between denominations is polity, or church government. There are three forms of church polity, I'll note which churches use which. Episcopal - Rule by Bishops. Church ...


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Chart of beliefs on topics like the Trinity, divinity of Christ, inerrancy of scripture and salvation.