A primary source refers to documentation or material presented by parties that were directly present or involved in the referred subject, while a secondary source refers to documentation derived from the opinion or views... More »

Primary cells are batteries that are not easily recharged after use, while secondary cells are those which can be recharged. Usually, primary cells are discarded after a single use, while secondary cells are used over an... More »

A primary source is a first-hand assessment of a topic or event, while a secondary source is an interpretation of the primary data. Secondary information often quotes primary data and adds a fresh interpretation. More »

To write references, add parenthetical documentation immediately after the paraphrase and or quotation you bring from an outside source. Insert the appropriate information for that source into the list of references that... More »

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When writing, active voice is when the subject of a sentence performs the action in the verb, while passive voice is when the subject has the action performed on it. An example of a sentence using the active voice is "Sh... More »

To create a references page for an essay or a research paper, compile bibliographic information about each source, and list the sources in alphabetical order by the author's last name. Familiarize yourself with the forma... More »

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The Modern Language Association citation format for Internet sources (which the MLA refers to as "Web publications") varies depending on the type of source. Because they change frequently, MLA style does not require URLs... More »

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