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Oxen are herbivores, meaning that they eat a diet of plants and grains. Domesticated oxen eat fresh grasses as well as hay and grain supplements. Wild oxen, such as musk-oxen, live in the Arctic tundra and eat roots, moss and lichens.


A group of oxen is referred to as a yoke. Oxen are often used in teams and yoked into a harness to pull heavy loads. Working oxen are normally males that are castrated because steers aren't as aggressive as bulls.


Musk oxen eat grass, sedges, flowers, roots, moss and lichen during the summer when plants are easily available. In winter, they also browse on more easily obtainable shrubs, woody plants, crowberry, bearberry and willows.


An ox is a working animal, while a cow is kept for food and breeding. Both cows and oxen are considered cattle or bovines.


A cow is female whereas a bull is male. Depending on the species, either may have horns, but only cows will have udders.


Cows are classified as mammals. A mammal is defined as an animal that possesses a backbone, hair, mammary glands, three inner ear bones and a neocortex. Most mammals also give birth to live young, save for the egg-laying monotremes.


The biggest difference between milk produced by human women and cows is that women's milk is designed for infants, while cow's milk is designed for calves. From a nutritional standpoint, human milk is starkly different from cow's or goat's milk.


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Ox vs Cow. A cow and an ox are members of the Bovinae subfamily. In terms of physiology, cows and oxen do not have significant differences. But humans differentiate cows and oxen according to their specific use in the farm. So here are some unique differences between a cow and an ox. A cow is a female.


By the time keeping of cattle spread, there was already a marked difference between the wild aurochs and the domesticated cattle. Oxen exist beneath the umbrella of cattle, and are animals that have been trained to work either in the fields or pulling things by yoke and collar.