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According to USA TODAY, the difference between isolated and scattered thunderstorms is determined by the probability of precipitation. If the chance of precipitation is less than 30 percent, then the National Weather Service forecasts isolated storms. If the chance is 30 to 50 percent, then scattere


Scattered thunderstorms cover a large area and are likely to include several storm rounds. Storm chaser Adam Lucio explains that "scattered" and "isolated" descriptors have no bearing on a thunderstorm's actual intensity. These descriptions refer to the coverage a thunderstorm has over a certain are


A scatter plot is a mathematical diagram showing the relationship between two sets of data. Individual points are positioned according to the variables assigned to the vertical and horizontal axis.


Dispersed or scattered settlements are evenly-settled human-inhabited areas with low population density, such as a farm or a frontier home. An area containing scattered settlements is sometimes called a bocage, though this is typically applied to non-wild areas, such as pastures separated by hedgero


A scatter plot is created by mapping the quantitative data values of a dependent variable with respect to the quantitative data values of an independent variable. The data points are plotted on a graph, known as the Cartesian (x,y) coordinate plane, where the horizontal line represents the x-axis an


Social isolation is a common symptom of depression and anxiety, according to John Hopkins University. It is also a symptom of undifferentiated schizophrenia, according to the University of Texas Harris County Psychiatric Center.


Cultural isolation is the term for a country or region that does not care to interact with, understand or empathize with cultures outside its borders. Americans have been accused of cultural isolation, because some Americans have not studied or learned languages other than American English and seem


Rutherford's alpha scattering experiment is used to demonstrate the structure of atoms. Beams of alpha particles, nuclei of helium atoms, are used to irradiate a gold foil. Rutherford observed a few alpha particles going straight through, a few small deflections, a few large deflections and a few pa


Electrical isolators work by separating part of the electrical power from a system for safety during maintenance works. This is usually done by an off-load condition.


An isolated thunderstorm is a rain-producing storm that impacts a relatively small portion of a meteorologist's forecast territory. Aerostorms indicates that an isolated T-storm affects only 10 to 20 percent of a populated area, while The Washington Post defines an isolated storm as one that affects