A grand-aunt or grand-uncle is the sibling of your grandparent, while great-aunts and great-uncles are further removed. However, "grand" and "great" are often used interchangeably. More »

When most people refer to their "great aunt," they are referring to their mother's or father's aunt, who is the sister of one of their grandparents. However, the true technical term for this relationship is "grandaunt," ... More »

A "great uncle" refers to any brother of either grandparent. This is also the same as being the uncle of one's father or mother. More »

A sibling's spouse, children and grandchildren will all have different relationship names. A sibling's spouse will be the person's brother-in-law or sister-in-law, and the sibling's children will be the person's nieces o... More »

A great-aunt is the sister of a paternal or maternal grandparent. This relative is also described as an aunt of a person's mother or father, according to Oxford Dictionaries. The hyphen in "great-aunt" distinguishes this... More »

A grand uncle, also sometimes called a great uncle, is the uncle of one's parent. As such, he is also the brother of one of a person's grandparents. To a grand uncle, a person is a grand nephew or great nephew. More »

Family refers to two or more people interrelated through blood, marriage, fostering or adoption. Normally, a family is perceived to live together in the same household, albeit for varying durations. On the other hand, ki... More »