When someone has a leasehold, they own the home for a fixed term, but not the property that it sits on, and a freehold describes a person owning the home and the land it is on. With a freehold, there is no term on how lo... More »

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Freehold reversion refers to a property owner's interest in real estate that he has leased to another person. Property that is given or leased to another for a stated length of time "reverts" to the original owner once t... More »

A tort is an incident in which someone intentionally injures a person and their property and can result in a private lawsuit; a crime is a criminal action that the state prosecutes on the victim's behalf, according to th... More »

To find unclaimed money held by state governments, a person has to check with each federal agency because there is no central government service for unclaimed property. An individual can conduct an online search to find ... More »

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A real estate lease and license differ in the respect that leases provide more flexibility, allowing tenants full use of property, while licenses let occupants use land or property only for specific purposes. Leases and ... More »

Form a land trust by owning land, designating an entity or person to hold the land, selecting someone to benefit from the land, and executing a trust agreement transferring the land into a trust, according to HowStuffWor... More »

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A life estate is an interest in land that a person only has while he is alive, and it transfers to someone else once he dies, according to the Legal Information Institute. A life estate cannot be given away in a will. More »

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