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As nouns the difference between associate and employee is that associate is a person united with another or others in an act, enterprise, or business; a partner or colleague while employee is an individual who provides labor to a company or another person. As an adjective associate is joined with another or others and having equal or nearly equal status


Associate is a "customer facing" term used to refer to an individual that is associated with the company and can assist the customer in some way. This is highlighted by the fact that some companies have associates who are not technically employees but rather vendors, contractors and other contingent staff.


Great article! All that information aside, Wal-Mart calls their employees "associates", and we know how well they're treated... In my line of work (temporary staffing/recruiting), I prefer clients be clients and employees be employees - makes things a lot less confusing and everyone (for the most part) can tell the difference between those terms.


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/ Do You Want To Be Called an Employee or Associate [poll] 0 | July 22, 2014. Do You Want To Be Called an Employee or Associate [poll] One of the core elements to a company’s culture is how they refer to the people who work there. Are they called “employees” or “associates”? Or maybe something else like Disney’s “cast member”?


I've noticed in recent years that many stores have posted signs which refer to their retail workers as "associates" rather than "employees". Is there an actual difference between the two positions (i.e. does an associate have better pay or benefits, is harder to fire, etc.), or is it just some new euphemism for the same good old fashioned wage slave?


What is the Difference Between an Associate and a Partner? Many firms have associates who serve as employees of partners. A partner is part owner of the company in many cases. The time that a lawyer spends in court on behalf of a client may be considered billable hours.


“Employee,” describes a person employed to do certain tasks and garner a paycheck. “Employee” does not equate to “slave,” though there are some who may argue the point in jest. And yet, I believe this is the very reason why some organizations are calling their employees, “associates” so that they don’t feel like slaves.


In the legal profession, the difference between staff and associate attorneys lies mainly in the prospect of career advancement. Staff attorneys mainly do work in support of more senior attorneys. In particular, they spend a lot of time sorting through legal documents to pick out the ones that pertain to a specific case.


Associate dentist or employee - What’s the difference? March 1, 2007. ... On the other hand, the associate must clearly un derstand what he or she is looking for, if those objectives are unidirectional, or if they are conducive to creating a long-term future within the practice.