An element is a simple substance that is made from one type of atom and cannot be broken down into simpler components by chemical or physical means. A mixture is made from two or more substances that are chemically diffe... More »

A mixture is formed when two or more substances are physically mixed together. A compound is formed when two or more substances are chemically combined through a chemical reaction. The components of a mixture can be sepa... More »

The key difference between mixtures and compounds is that compounds are chemically joined, whereas mixtures are simply physically intermingled. Compounds are pure substances consisting of two or more chemically combined ... More » Science Chemistry Solutions & Mixtures

An element is made of only one kind of atom, while a compound contains the atoms of two or more elements. For example, gold is made of only one kind of atom, so it is an element, but water is a mix of hydrogen and oxygen... More »

An element is a pure substance that consists entirely of one type of atom. An atom is the smallest amount of a particular element that can be identified as that element. More »

A chemical element is a substance made up of one type of atom. The known chemical elements are arranged on a periodic table in order of their atomic numbers, which represent the number of protons in one atom of an elemen... More »

Neutral compounds are chemical mixtures that don't react with acid or base chemicals. Neutral compounds have no electrical charge, so they do not absorb ions from other chemicals. On a pH scale, a liquid that has a readi... More »