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Please use the links within the charts and other resources to learn more about the topics summarized by the comparison charts. Compare Biblical Accounts of the Resurrection Chart showing the similarities and differences between the accounts of the Resurrection in 1 Corinthians, Mark, Matthew, Luke, Acts, and John.


Chart of beliefs on topics like the Trinity, divinity of Christ, inerrancy of scripture and salvation. Compare Christian Denominations: Beliefs and Theology - ReligionFacts Toggle navigation


Christian denominations differ in what they use for the basis of their doctrines and beliefs. The biggest split is between Catholicism and the denominations that have roots in the Protestant Reformation.


Different Christian denominations are organized and worship in different ways. This handy list will help you keep track of and compare some differences in worship, rituals, and beliefs of the largest groups of the Christian Church. Anglican/ Episcopalian Means of salvation: God’s grace by faith alone How they worship: Traditional style through liturgy; contemporary liturgy […]


The Denominations. The differences between Jewish denominations, or movements, are based on the degree that they have rejected or not rejected various aspects of Judaism based on ‘modern times’. 1. Orthodox Judaism. Orthodox Judaism is the most traditional expression of Judaism.


Is there a good overview of Christian denominations/churches and their mapping between countries [closed] ... I'm not sure that there's any volume that can give you a thorough understanding of the differences between all the denominations out there, ... a more comprehensive chart can be found here: Denominations Beliefs. As far as maps go, here ...


This table represents a general, sweeping overview of non-Catholic Christian beliefs and their comparison to the Catholic Church. Protestantism, by definition, accepts private judgement of Scripture over Church authority (this happens to a lesser extent in Anglicanism and Lutheranism).


denomination-ally affiliated] Reformed Evangelical Missional Complementarian Depends on the congregation denominational A trans-peer to peer network of missional church planting churches www.acts29network.org Mark Driscoll, Co-Founder ... DENOMINATIONAL CHART ...


The difference between a denomination and a denominational family is sometimes unclear to outsiders. Some denominational families can be considered major branches. Groups that are members of a branch, while sharing historical ties and similar doctrines, are not necessarily in communion with one another.


Introduction. In contrast to the Roman Catholic Church, where interpretation of scripture is carried out by the Pope and his Bishops, Protestantism encourages ‘Private Interpretation’ of scripture by the individual.As a direct result, differing denominational groups have emerged, each holding to distinctive doctrines. Each regards itself as part of the ‘Invisible Church’ i.e. the union ...