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by Cathy B. When I weighed the differences between nursery school and daycare, I have to say, nursery school always came on top. Although every school has their own set of policies, generally speaking, I found most nursery schools are more flexible and accommodating to my child’s individual needs.


No difference. Nursery - provides full time daycare. Pre-school - provides sessional care to pre-schoolers! The difficulty is the terms get misused, and some pre-schools call themselves nurseries.


Difference between Nursery and Childcare. Tweet. Key difference: A nursery is a place where the fundamentals of formal education are imparted to children, with the help of play-based teaching techniques. Child care is the term for an institution set up to take care of children, whose parents/guardians are out on work responsibilities. ...


Choosing between a nursery school and a day nursery. Now that you have a clearer idea of the difference between the two, your next step should be to take time out to look at and visit local day nurseries and/or nursery schools.


For parents, it is important to understand the differences between the two environments, and to carefully check that potential preschools and nursery schools carry the proper credentials and follow proper guidelines. Nursery school is primarily a day care facility with a few important touches.


Below, we discuss in more detail the main differences and similarities between preschool and other early learning options. Preschool vs. daycare. Like preschool, daycare can refer to many different things. It can be a preschool, nursery school, childcare centre, or all three.


Preschool vs Daycare . The difference between preschool and daycare stems from the objectives of each. The concepts of preschool and daycare are as much a result of nuclear families with working moms, as much as a necessity to prepare small kids for formal education later in life.


Day Care or Preschool — What's Best for Your Family. Reviewed February 3, 2019. Thinkstock. Puzzled by the differences between preschool and day care — and which one is right for your budget, schedule, and (of course) child? Here's what you need to know to make the best decision.


"If a large opinion survey were conducted on the difference between schools and childcare, school-based programs would be described as more educationally focused, while childcare programs would be seen as more custodial," writes Ellen Galinsky, president of the Families and Work Institute in New York, in her book The Preschool Years. But ...


Nursery school is better known as 'preschool': This is similar to a daycare but at a preschool it is more focused on learning. This will help child better prepare for the next level, kindergarten. Preschools only keep students for 3-5 hours, not the entire day as a daycare.