A comforter is a cover for a bed that's made up of stuffing placed between two layers of fabric, whereas a duvet is a thick comforter specifically stuffed with natural or synthetic feathers or down. A duvet is often plac... More »

A duvet cover set is comparable to a large pillowcase that goes over the duvet, or comforter, and it has a closure that buttons, snaps, zips or ties for easy access, protecting the duvet from dirt and wear. The duvet cov... More »

A sham is a decorative pillow cover, similar to a pillowcase, that typically matches the duvet cover or coverlet. Pillow shams usually have a decorative flange around all four sides and open in the middle of the back ins... More »

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To make a bed, tuck in the bottom sheet, spread out the top sheet, place the comforter on the bed, and add the pillows. A blanket or duvet can be used instead of a comforter. More »

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A queen-size mattress, which measures 60 inches by 80 inches, takes a full or queen duvet cover, which measures 88 inches by 92 inches. A duvet is soft, flat bedding filled with down feathers or a synthetic material. More »

Although duvet cover sizes may vary depending on manufacturer, various bedding stores such as Crane & Canopy, The Company Store and Bed Bath & Beyond offer duvet sizing charts on their websites. Crane & Canopy also offer... More »

A double duvet cover is approximately 78 inches long by 78 inches wide. Single duvet covers are not quite as wide as the double duvet covers, spanning a width of about 60 inches. King size duvet covers are available that... More »