In the United States, the government legally defines a city, and a town is simply a community with no official legal government standing. Each country legally defines these terms differently, however. More »

One difference between sherry and port is that port begins as partially fermented red wine that's mixed with brandy that still has some grape sugars. When the red wine is added, the fermentation stops. Sherry is allowed ... More »

LAN (Local Area Network) is limited to a single site, usually an office building, while a MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) spans a small region or entire city and WAN (Wide Area Network) is not restricted to a specific ge... More »

A wireless local area network, or LAN, does not use wired Ethernet connections and usually covers a small geographical area like a school or office building; a wireless wide area network, or WAN, covers a greater geograp... More »

The job of a mayor is to be the official spokesperson for his city in all matters relating to government and the community. He ensures that the city fulfills its duties under the law and exercises its powers. More »

An easy way to find out what county a town is in is to use a free tool on As of November 2015, the tool will allow you to discover the county you are currently in based on location, or you can manually... More »

There are two well-known Ocean City boardwalks in the United States: one is located in Ocean City, New Jersey, and the other one is in the town of Ocean City, Maryland. The one in New Jersey, built in 1880, is one of the... More » Geography Maps & Cartography