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If you are in good health, it may be possible to reverse the colostomy within the first year. Even after a successful reversal, you can expect a change in your bowel habits. Modifying your diet may help to normalize bowel movements and make you more comfortable.


Diet After Surgery Typically, a person will receive only IV fluids for two to three days after a colectomy or colostomy, to give the colon time to heal. After that, you can try clear liquids, such as soup broth and juice, followed by easy-to-digest foods, such as toast and oatmeal.


Doctors give unbiased, helpful information on indications, contra-indications, benefits, and complications: Dr. Fowler on diet after colostomy reversal: If there is no history of ulcerative colitis in the past there is no reason to believe a reversal procedure will precipitate one. If you did not have ulcerative colitis before surgery you don't have to worry about it after.


MedlinePlus recommends eating small, frequent meals while your system readjusts after ileostomy or ileostomy reversal surgery. If you eat five or six small meals per day, drink at least six to eight cups of fluid daily, and thoroughly chew your food. These measures should reduce digestive problems following surgery.


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About Your Ileostomy Closure Surgery. An ileostomy closure surgery is done to reverse your ileostomy so that you can have bowel movements like you did before your surgery. Ileostomy closure surgery is usually done through your stoma (see Figure 1). ... You may need to change your diet after your surgery.


Diet After Surgery/Ileostomy Reversal I'd be really interested to hear other people's experiences with food after surgery and after ileostomy reversal. It's been 6 weeks since my reversal, which happened a lot quicker than expected as my small bowel was damaged.


UOAA Discussion Board. ... It was way too soon! What is the best way to approach diet after the reversal? Fluids for a few days, then soft foods, then solids? ... They are opening me right up because I have an end ileostomy, so no laparoscopic surgery for me. If there is a risk, any advice on preventing a hernia? I have a two year old, so I ...


Diet Foods that gave you diarrhea before your takedown surgery ... • In the first few weeks after surgery, you can usually tol- ... around 4 weeks after your original ileoanal pouch surgery and 1-2 weeks after ileostomy takedown. • Anal sex is prohibited due to possible damage to your ileoanal pouch.


A straightforward stoma reversal will take around 1-2 hours to perform under a general anaesthetic. What to expect after a stoma reversal. For the first 24 hours after surgery you will be advised to stick to liquids only to allow the bowel to rest. After 1-2 days you can then start on a soft diet.