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It is not certain what Jesus Christ looked like, mostly because his portraits over the centuries are not uniform, generally following the trends of the times. In most traditional Western depictions, Jesus Christ is a fair-skinned individual with or without a beard.


Jesus Christ, also known as Jesus of Nazareth, is a central figure of Christianity and is believed by most Christian denominations to be the son of God. Many scholars believe that Jesus actually existed, based on historical evidence. However, there is no evidence other than the testament of the Gosp


During his lifetime, Jesus founded Christianity, one of the most popular religions in the world. Up until the time he began his Christian ministry at the age of 30, he worked as a carpenter.


The nature of Christ is the subject of much debate, but in general his qualities are given as a combination of divinity and perfected humanity exemplified through charity, intercession on behalf of the souls of humanity, forsaking worldly power and rewards and an infinite capacity for forgiveness an


The Second Coming of Jesus Christ refers to the pending return of Jesus Christ to the Earth. Christians believe that Jesus' first presence on Earth was when he was born to the Virgin Mary and later ascended into heaven, as documented in the Biblical book of John.


Many painters have painted Jesus Christ. Among them are Rogier van der Weyden, who painted "The Descent From the Cross" around 1435. This painting shows Jesus being lowered from the cross by Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, while Mary, dressed in a sumptuous blue gown, faints from grief.


As of 2015, the website Fine Art America has a wide variety of paintings and prints of Jesus Christ in different religious settings. AllPosters.com and the LDS Bookstore also sell various Christ-themed and religious prints.


Some other names and titles for Jesus Christ are "Emmanuel" and "the Word." Another name for Jesus is "Lamb of God"; this name refers to Jesus' death on the cross that provided a means of salvation for mankind, according to Bibles for America.


Some descriptive names of Jesus Christ are light of the world, son of God, Emmanuel, deliverer and savior. Jesus Christ is called innumerable names in the Bible, and his names usually serve to better illuminate his motives and the extent of his power.


Jesus Christ is the figure around whom all Christian religions are based. The New Testament of the Bible was written about his life and teachings. General beliefs associated with Jesus are that he was conceived by God upon a virgin, performed miracles, died to atone for humanity's sins and was resur