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Street dice, or street craps, is played by having a shooter and betters; before the shooter rolls the dice, bets are placed on whether the shooter will roll a number two times in a row without rolling a seven or an 11. There is one main better and the other players are also able to place wagers on t


10,000 Dice, which is also known as Farkle, is a family dice game for two or more people. The game uses six die and something to keep score. The game is turn based, and each turn results in a score. The first player to score 10,000 wins the game.


To play dirty dice, all players place a wrapped gift into a pile and then take turns trying to roll a pair so they can grab a gift. Once there are only two people left without gifts, they take turns trying to roll a pair. Once someone rolls a pair, he selects the second to last gift and the last pla


The object of Bones is to accumulate 10,000 points by throwing six dice, whose combinations earn a certain score. A straight (the same number on each of six dice) is worth 2,500 points, rolling five of a kind is worth 2,000 and rolling four of a kind is worth 1,500. Three of a kind is worth 1,000 po


Some fun and easy dice games include 100 and Triples. In Triples, each player rolls three dice, and the first person to roll triples wins the round.


The dots found on dice are called "pips." Each side of a die has a different number of pips to denote a value from one to six.


The 10,000 Dice game is played by rolling the dice to collect points, which can then be risked by continuing to roll the dice. The game requires six standard dice to play. Players start the game "off the table," with a score of zero. To begin, a player rolls all six dice. If the roll scores any poin


Some family-friendly dice games are Pig, Yahtzee and Can't Stop. You can play Pig and Can't Stop with any dice, while Yahtzee typically comes with special dice.


Instructions for a large amount of dice games are available on the Dice Games, All About Dice, Gamerisms and Yard Dice websites. These sites all offer the rules and how to play at least 10 different dice games, though not all games are covered on each site.


The object of "Farkle" is to be the first player to acquire 10,000 points by rolling dice. Each die is worth a certain amount of points. HowDoYouPlayIt.com contains a complete list for the score of each die.