To calculate a circle's diameter from its circumference, one should divide the circumference by the constant pi, which is an irrational number approximately equal to 3.14159265358979. More »

The circumference of a circle is the line that makes up the edge of the circle, such that every point on the line is equidistant from the center. It is different from the diameter because the diameter is a line that pass... More » Math Arithmetic

To measure a circle's circumference, find the circle's diameter, then multiply the diameter by pi to find the circumference. If you only have the radius, multiply it by two to find the circle's diameter. More » Science Measurements

Find the diameter of a circle with a given circumference by solving for the formula "d=C/pi," where d is the diameter, C is the circumference and pi is 3.1459. For this problem, find the diameter of a circle that has a c... More »

If the circumference or the area of a circle is known, pi can be used to find the diameter and the radius of that circle. Likewise, if the radius or diameter is known, pi can be used to find out the circumference or the ... More »

The perimeter of a semicircle is 1/2 of the circumference of the corresponding complete circle plus the diameter of the circle. The distance around the outside of a semicircle is generally called its perimeter. More »

To measure the circumference of a circle, first measure the diameter and multiply that number by the mathematical constant pi. The diameter is a straight line that goes from one side of the circle to the other and passes... More »