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How to Diagnose a Broken Car Heater A working car heater will keep you warm and defrost your car. A failing radiator, thermostat, or heater core can cause your heating system to fail. ... This may be due to a problem with your car’s heating system. Here are a few ways to diagnose any issues in the radiator, thermostat, ...


Diagnosing Car Heater Problems Coolant Reservoir and Hoses. When drivers seek assistance from a professional mechanic for their car heater problems the technician checks one thing first. They verify the level of antifreeze in the cooling system. This is called a logical path of diagnosis.


Dashboard warning lights are a way for your car's internal systems to signal a potential issue before the problem escalates. When these appear, notice what's happening and when it occurs (or if it's constant). You may be able to diagnose the problem on your own, but sometimes a certified technician will be necessary.


Diagnose Made Easy Don’t know what’s wrong with your car? Then use AutoMD’s intuitive "question tree" car diagnostic feature. Developed by the AutoMD service shop specialists, this feature lets you narrow down possible auto problems based on symptoms, area, and visual inspection.


How to Diagnose a Non Working Air Conditioning in a Car. Driving around on a hot day in a car without a working air conditioner can be uncomfortable and even dangerous in extreme heat. Diagnosing the reason that your air conditioning isn't...


At the bottom of this page is a video that’s very popular. It reviews best practices for diagnosing common electrical problems. Finding the location of the fan assembly is a good place to start diagnosis. The ac blower motor is usually located in the AC duct housing or heater case assembly.


A car heater works by blowing air from the heated engine over a heater core and funneling it into the vehicle compartment. All components need to be functioning properly for the air to heat the car interior fully. Usually this will take a few minutes. If the heater does not respond accordingly, there are a number of ...


Watch this video if you don't have hot air coming out of your air vents. I go through the most common causes and show you how you can fix them. Also I demonstrate how your cars cooling system ...


To diagnose a cooling system problem, start by checking the radiator cap for damage, rust, or grime that could be preventing the radiator from releasing excess pressure. Radiator caps are cheap, so replace it if you think it could be the problem. Next, check the water pump for damage to the belt, for leaks, or for a stuck or damaged pulley.


In general, HVAC problems can range from the simple to the very complex. Most HVAC systems are behind your dash, which means that if you need to get to those parts, you're going to have to remove it. This can be a daunting task, but with a bit of time and patience, you should be able to get through it.