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Dia de los Muertos, or "Day of the Dead," is a holiday celebrated throughout much of Latin America on Nov. 1 each year. The holiday, which originates in Mexico, features elaborate, decorative skulls and skeletons.


Mexicans traditionally eat pan de muerto on El Dia de Los Muertos, also called Day of the Dead, to honor the memory of deceased loved ones. Mexicans consider eating pan de muerto, also called bread of the dead, a classic tradition, much like candy canes on Christmas and...


Dia de la Raza, which translates to Ibero-American Columbus Day, is celebrated on Oct. 12 in Mexico with parades, dancing, parties and food. Dia de la Raza is also celebrated in the United States, but it is known as Columbus Day.


To make a headband, cut a sleeve off of a T-shirt and strategically place holes in the sleeve. Weave a piece of ribbon through the holes, put the sleeve on your head, and tie the ribbon.


You can wear a headband in a variety of ways, including with your hair up or down. Some headbands look better when your hair is pulled up, while others are good with your hair down to help keep your hair from falling into your face.


To make a baby's headband, you need something stretchy to go around the head, material for making a flower, fabric or hot glue and a needle and thread. Use buttons, beads or sequins for added embellishment.


To make a braided headband, grab a section of hair from behind one ear, then braid it. Add strands of hair from along the top of the head to the braid. Finish the braid behind the other ear.