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Deuterostome Definition. The Deuterostomes are a clade of animals that undergo deuterostomy during their embryonic development. They are a sister-clade of the Protostomes, and the two together with the Xenacoelomorpha form the major group of animals called the Bilateria—a major group animals which display bilateral symmetry and are mostly triploblastic.


Deuterostome definition, a mouth that develops separately from the blastopore. See more.


Deuterostome Definition The Deuterostomes are a clade of animals that undergo deuterostomy during their embryonic development.. deuterostomes Animals in which the first opening that appears in the embryo becomes the anus while the mouth appears at the other end of the digestive system.Main groups include chordates and echinoderms.. Deuterostomes and Protostomes


Deuterostomes A major lineage of animals that share a pattern of embryological development, including radial cleavage, formation of the anus earlier than the mouth, and formation of the coelom by pinching off of layers of mesoderm from the gut.


Protostome Definition. Protostomes are a clade of animals that undergo protostomy during their embryonic development.. The protostomes, together with the Deuterostomes and the Xenacoelomorpha, make up a major group of animals called the Bilateria.These are triploblast animals that display bilateral symmetry.. Protostomy. In embryo development, two gametes—a sperm and an egg—fuse to form a ...


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Deuterostomes (taxonomic term: Deuterostomia; meaning "second mouth" in Greek) constitute a superphylum of animals.It is a sister clade of Protostomia, with which it forms the Nephrozoa clade.. Deuterostomia is a subtaxon of the Bilateria branch of the subkingdom Eumetazoa, within Animalia, and are distinguished from protostomes by their deuterostomic embryonic development; in deuterosto...


deu·ter·o·stome (do͞o′tə-rō-stōm′) n. Any of a numerous animals of the group Deuterostomia, in which the anus develops from the first opening in the embryo and the mouth develops later, and including the echinoderms, hemichordates, and chordates. [From New Latin Deuterostomia, taxon name : deutero- + New Latin stoma; see stoma.] deuterostome ...


Deuterostome definition is - any of a major division (Deuterostomia) of the animal kingdom that includes the bilaterally symmetrical animals (such as the chordates) with indeterminate cleavage and a mouth that does not arise from the blastopore.


Protostome definition, any member of the lower invertebrate phyla in which the mouth appears before the anus during development, cleavage is spiral and determinate, and the coelom forms as a splitting of the mesoderm. See more.