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How to Find Property Owners. Whether you need to find the owners of a dilapidated piece of property that needs cleaning up, or want to make an offer on your dream property that isn't yet for sale, locating the names of a property owner can...


Search for property owners in , TN and find highly detailed property ownership information gathered from multiple sources. More Less. Home; ... Find out who owns any property in Tennessee and get in-depth property data Find out who owns any Tennessee property. Find the owner of a property.


Determining ownership however, can be an intimidating process often requiring a little detective work and determination. Here are five ways to determine the owners of an abandoned property, Knock on Doors Although it may seem obvious, the first step in determining property ownership is to ask neighbors living near the property.


Determining Property Ownership of a LLC. ... of high end properties will make the job of a private investigator a lot easier when trying to identify the names of a property owner. Over the years, Integrated Services has handled many different types of real estate investigations, including as part of landlord/tenant disputes and are capable of ...


In that case, the adjoining property deeds will need to be reviewed. This is very common for highways by use as the ownership of the land goes to the centerline of the highway and the tax map only shows that there is a public ROW. The widths shown on the tax map are NOT the ROW. That has to be determined on a case by case basis.


Ownership is the basis for many other concepts that form the foundations of ancient and modern societies such as money, trade, debt, bankruptcy, the criminality of theft, and private vs. public property. Ownership is the key building block in the development of the capitalist socio-economic system.


Sole ownership occurs when a single person owns a complete interest in a property or asset. Ownership is conveyed from one person to another through transfer documents, or by the laws of intestate succession. If the owner passes away, his or her interest in the property or the asset is included in the estate.


In most simple cases, the easiest way to determine the ownership of a property is to search the Assessor records to determine the current assessed owner(s). Once that has been found, the name of the owner(s) can be searched in the Official Public Records to determine if there has been a recent transfer, or if there are any other reasons that the property’s ownership may not reside with the ...


Account name of the land owner. As in other searches, this one is not case-sensitive. You may enter the last name only to get a list of all property owners with that last name. Map/Block/PIN. The Map/Block/PIN is a 15 Digit land record ID also called "Parcel Identifier". It is an identifier based on geographic parameters. ...


Every year, millions of homeowners pay property taxes. In most situations, when the tax bill comes, if it seems reasonable they pay it and move on with their lives. To make sure you are not being ...