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The chemical formula of barium phosphate is Ba3(PO4)2. It is determined, theoretically, by knowing that barium is a group IIA metal, which has quite an easy time of losing it’s outermost two valence electrons, and forms a +2 cation; and by also knowing that phosphate is a -3 charged oxoanion with phosphorus as its central atom.


The chemical formula for barium phosphate is Ba3(PO4)2. Within the formula, the symbol Ba represents barium, P represents phosphorus and O represents oxygen. The numbers in the chemical formula Ba3(PO4)2 indicate the number of atoms of each element in the compound.


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Barium Phosphate Ba3(PO4)2 Molar Mass, Molecular Weight. ENDMEMO. Home » Chemistry » Barium Phosphate. Name: Barium Phosphate. Formula: Ba3(PO4)2. Molar Mass: 601.9237. Ba3(PO4)2 is a colorless crystal at room temperature. It is insoluable in water. Its melting point is 1727 ̊C (3140.6 ̊F), density 4.1 g/cm3.


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"Determine the formula for barium phosphate." ? Alright, so I know that a chemical formula expresses the ratio of elements in a compound. For example, the formula Li2S indicates that the number of lithium atoms is double the number of sulfur atoms in the compound.


the empirical mass of barium phosphate (Ba3(PO4)2) is 601.93 g/mol. To find the molar mass, you would need to balance the formula this compound is in.


barium(2+) diphosphate. Barium phosphate tribasic. EINECS 236-715-1. Tribarium diphosphate. Phosphoric acid, barium salt (2:3) Barium phosphate, tribasic. Phosphoric acid, barium salt (2:1) Bariumphosphat. EINECS 236-856-9. EINECS 237-582-2. mono barium phosphate. bariumdihydrogenphosphate. dihydrogenbariumphosphate. AC1L4XBC. tribarium(2 ...


What is the formula for barium phosphate? Chemistry Ionic Bonds Writing Ionic Formulas. 1 Answer anor277 Feb 5, 2017 Answer: Nominally #Ba_3(PO_4)_2#..... Explanation: The ... What is the empirical formula for an ionic compound? What is the molecular formula for chorate? ...