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Sony released the PlayStation 4 video game console on Nov. 15, 2013 in North America. The PS4 released on Nov. 29, 2013 in Europe and Australia and on Feb. 22, 2014 in Japan.


As of 2014, the Sony Playstation Four is sold at most major video game retailers, such as Best Buy and Gamestop, as well as major retail chain stores, such as Walmart and Target. The PS4 is also available from online retailers, such as New Egg and Amazon.


Many national video game and electronics chain stores, such as GameStop and Best Buy, stock the Playstation 4. Consumers may also purchase the game system through online retailers, such as Amazon.


Based on sales reports, Sony's PS4 is nearly twice as popular as Microsoft's Xbox gaming console. As of May 2015, the PS4 has sold more than 20 million units worldwide, and the Xbox has sold 10 million.


PlayStation 3 games cannot be played on the PlayStation 4 platform. Only discs made for the PlayStation 4 are compatible with the system.


PlayStation 3 games do not work on the PlayStation 4. The system does not offer backwards compatibility for disc-based games from any prior Sony console.


Fry's Electronics sells refurbished models of the Sony PlayStation 4 at a discounted price of $350, as of March 2015. This discounted PS4 is refurbished to factory specifications by Sony and has a 90-day warranty. The suggested retail price of a new PS4 is $400.


Customers can find a retailer with a PlayStation 4 in stock by visiting a store’s official website. Some retailers, such as GameStop and Best Buy, allow customers to check the availability of an item at a local store.


The PlayStation 4 system is not backwards compatible with disc-based games from the PlayStation 3 or any earlier PlayStation systems. There is no way to play PS3 discs on the PS4 as of 2014.


The PS4 is not backwards compatible with disc-based games of previous iterations of PlayStation systems. While Sony has not ruled out the ability for the PS4 to emulate older systems, as of October 2014, no plans exist to provide the software to do so.