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According to ManagementStudyGuide.com, an educational portal, inventory is needed to keep a company independent of outside changes in supply and demand. Maintaining inventory also allows a company to take advantage of outside pricing opportunities.


There are four classifications of inventory: raw material; work-in-process; finished goods; and maintenance, repair and operating supplies, or MRO goods. One or more of these inventory types are predominately used, depending upon the type of business or firm.


Destiny Library Manager is a comprehensive software solution for managing school libraries in K-12 schools. Developed by Follett International, this software supports more efficient cataloging, circulating and searching of library materials.


Inventory systems, used by businesses, include a tag system, point-of-sale system, bar code scanning, and radio frequency identification. Businesses choose one of these inventory systems, based upon the size of inventory and the amount of the budget.


Inventory, or specifically inventory management, is important for a business to ensure that the business is able to maximize potential sales and market share. Inventory plays a key role in business strategy as it represents a portion of the business's assets and one of its primary sources of revenue


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The types of inventory control system include manual and barcode systems. Radio frequency identification is also a type of inventory control system. The choice of the system that a company adopts depends on how valuable the system is to the company.


The primary purpose of inventory control is the efficient movement of materials and goods in line with a company's strategic plans. In particular, a company manages inventory to balance goals of meeting customer demand and minimizing costs, according to Anderson, Anderson and Parker in an excerpt fr


Inventory management is important for keeping inventory numbers stable as well as determining and controlling the levels of stock needed for optimal profit. Good inventory management involves having enough inventory on hand to meet customer demand, yet not too much to exceed inventory turnover goals


The Follett Destiny mobile library app allows a user to check in and check out resources, search for a patron name, monitor an item or copy status, and view patron account summaries. The mobile app also lets users scan or enter barcodes. However, scanning is only possible for iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and