Many people want their body art to be completely unique. One way to accomplish this is by designing your own tattoo. If you do not consider yourself to be an artist, consider working with a tattoo artist to create someth... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

As of 2014, Tattoo Design and Ink Generator offer free services for designing custom tattoos. Tattoo Design has four features for creating a custom tattoo: made-to-order tattoos, a lettering designer, Japanese tattoo cre... More »

Star tattoos have a variety of meanings, from the protection of nautical stars, to the good luck of shooting stars. To design your own star tattoo, you need access to tattoo images, a pencil, paper and enough time to pon... More »

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Mexican tattoos include a range of body art with a Mexican theme. Some examples include images of the Mexican flag, designs that feature Aztec or Mayan art, as well as depictions of traditional Mexican symbols such as so... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

The bluebird, skull and the name of a significant other are all popular tattoos for men who are getting body art for the first time. The name of a wife or girlfriend is an ideal first tattoo for men who are romantics and... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

Henna temporary tattoos are temporary body art designs drawn with a coloring made from an African and Asian flowering plant. The color of henna temporary tattoos is a reddish brown. However, some people blacken henna wit... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos