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With L&H's unique manufacturing processes we are now able to reproduce your special logos and wordings into your own personalized brand. Excellent for branding wood, plastics, leather, steaks - anything that burns. Send us your artwork along with details of the brand and I will provide you with a quote. Send inquires to sales@lhbrandingirons.com


Branding Irons Unlimited is THE source for branding irons for any application as well as personalized packages and interchangeable characters. We ship worldwide and we offer electric branding equipment that can be used in any country. We specialize in Custom Branding Heads and produce them all in-house, right here in the USA.


I can see where he is coming from. The issue is the title, "Making Your Own Branding Iron" is quite misleading. I would rewrite it as "Mounting a Branding Iron Head to a custom Handle. The work show is well done. Though the title leads us to think you are going to show us how to make the head itself.


We produce our Ready-2-Brand Branding Heads with the same quality and precision as our Custom Branding Heads. Take a look at all the options we offer and create your own package! For Custom Branding Heads, click here. Want to know the difference between Ready-2-Brand and Custom Branding Heads? Click here.


In this simple Instructable, member JamesH76 shows you how to make a branding iron that clips onto the metal head of a disposable lighter.All you have to do is create a 3D design of your art using the free, online Autodesk Pixlr software and then load the design onto the lighter holder clip that James has designed and has on his Shapeways store.


DIY Custom Branding Iron: I wanted a way to brand some of my projects. I know you can order custom branding irons that fit on the end of a wood burner. Well, I don't have a wood burner, and the custom irons can be fairly pricey, so I decided to do it myself. This can also ...


Design your own branding iron! Our online design tool is easy to use. Quickly create a branding iron design up to 2" x 4" at no extra charge! Get started now!


Welcome to Custom Branding Irons. Thank you for your interest in our Branding Irons. Our goal is to provide a Brand that reflects the individuality of the craftsmen and the work they produce. We are committed to good design. We provide an alternative to the standard Branding Iron by specializing in unique designs.


Is this your first time ordering a branding iron?We make it easy! Step 1: Decide the type of branding iron you'd like: BIC Lighter Branding Iron Attaches to a standard BIC lighter Not recommended for daily use as they can take a while to heat. Portable and novel - Make a great gift Min. size of about 1/8" x 1/8" Max si


How to make a custom Branding Iron Logo for a standard wood burning tool. We used a dremel grinder to cut out a logo design into brass. The logo was then mounted onto a standard wood burning tool ...