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Online collections of photographs including Wikimedia Commons and Flickr contain many images of flowers. Better Homes and Gardens maintains a plant dictionary online that includes photographs and descriptions of hundreds of flowers.


To care for desert roses, place them in full sun with light shade and inside in areas where winters are frosty. Use containers that have drainage holes with potting mix that drains well. Water it regularly in the spring and summer, but do not allow the soil to be constantly wet.


Deserts in the United States are home to many species of flowering shrubs, from the yellow-flowering creosote bush to the purple blooms of the Texas mountain laurel. A few non-native flowering shrubs that grow well in the desert are the pineapple guava and desert bird of paradise.


Deserts are important because they provide corridors for migration for a number of species and yield a number of water-soluble nutrients not available in comparable quantities anywhere else on the planet. The spread of these nutrients benefits species all over the planet.


Several causes can be attributed to deserts, including the Earth's air circulation pattern, the rain shadow effect, the distance from the ocean and the proximity of cold ocean currents. Some common deserts in the United States include the Colorado Plateau that stretches through Colorado, Utah, Arizo


Most of the world's deserts occur at low latitudes close to the equator, although there are high-latitude deserts as well. Both hot and cold deserts exist, and deserts occur on all seven continents.


There are 33 major deserts in the world that, when subdivided into smaller deserts, similar to mountain ranges, equal 71. Of those 71, 12 are in Africa, one is Antarctica, three are in the arctic basin, 26 are in Asia (including the Middle East), 10 are in Australia and New Zealand, 10 are in Europe


Deserts form in general from the high atmospheric pressure and cold air that comes from the upper altitudes nearby. The heat from the sun causes high ground temperatures with low humidity.


Desert plants include cactus, unicorn plant, desert lily, western peppergrass, turtleback, paperflower, century plant, blue palo verde, desert mariposa tulip, desert sand verbena, sagebrush, creosote bush and pale trumpets. Desert plants are well-adapted to grow in climates where precipitation is sc


Find images of beautiful rose flowers at wallpaper sites such as HdWallpapersBot.com, DownloadWallpapersFree.com, FreeDownloadPhoto.com and WallpaperCave.com. Gardening and landscape sites such as NationalGardenMonth.org also offer hi-resolution images of roses and rose gardens for download.