Africa is a huge continent with a wide variety of landscapes and climates, from the dry, hot desert climate found in the northern countries in the Sahara desert to the tropical rainforests toward the center of the contin... More »

The following deserts are found in Africa: Kalahari, Namib, Chalbi, Danakil, Sahara, Tanzerouft, White Desert, Eastern Desert, Sinai Desert, Blue Desert, Atlantic Coastal Desert and Libyan Desert, which is also called th... More »

A climate map of Africa is a map showing climate zones of Africa. The continent has a variety of climate zones ranging from tropical to subarctic on the continent’s highest peaks. More » Science Weather & Tides Weather Seasons

The great grasslands of Africa, also known as savannas and velds, are located across the continent just south of the Sahara desert, along the eastern coast, south of the Congo rain forest and east of the Namib Desert. Th... More »

While many assume that Africa as mainly desert, it is a diverse continent that sees a fair amount of snowfall away from the countries near the equator. Snowfall in Africa is rare, occurring in mountainous regions and in ... More »

The geography of Africa is distinctive with its climate and vegetation ranging from equatorial rainforests, tropical deserts and grassland to Mediterranean. These climates and physical conditions exist in both the southe... More » Geography Africa

More than 50 countries are located on the continent of Africa. A large part of Africa experiences a tropical or desert climate. The world's largest desert, the Sahara, is located on the continent of Africa. Africa is the... More »