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Try landscaping the backyard with pavers to create walkways or adding a weatherproof table that can double as a plant stand or buffet table to an area of the yard that is less than perfect, states BHG.com. Adding plants to a backyard is another easy and inexpensive way to landscape.


An easy backyard landscaping idea is to use concrete blocks to build a makeshift bench or a seat, while another easy idea is to add a trellis to give the backyard an extra architectural component. These projects require simple tools and a minimum amount of time.


Tiers and raised beds, dwarf plantings, sectioning and walkways are all excellent landscape choices for a small space. These options utilize small spaces efficiently and create the illusion of more space.


When comparing backyard landscaping costs, take an inventory of all landscaping projects, and speak to multiple professionals and services to obtain estimates. Creating a budget for landscaping improvement projects is an important part of the process. Performing a site analysis can turn up many exis


A few inexpensive landscaping ideas include creating a meandering garden path using gravel or crushed rock, sprucing up a patio slab with a concrete stain or treatment, and using inexpensive shrubbery to define spaces. Creative landscapers can also save money by substituting less expensive materials


There is not one proper way to landscape a small backyard guest house, as the belief of what looks best is subjective and each person will have their own opinion. However, there are many different options available suggested by gardening and architectural magazines and blogs, including creating a ga


Free landscaping pictures can be found on sites such as HouseLogic (associated with the National Association of Realtors), Architectural Digest and Houzz.com. These sites all offer free landscaping slideshows and information about how to design the perfect backyard space.


Pictures of birds commonlyfound in backyards can be viewedat the Bird Source, Wild Birds and National Geographic websites. Both the National Geographic and Wild Birds websites have extensive collections; however, many of the images at National Geographic are drawings, not photographs.


Converting the space in the back yard into a series of semi-private outdoor spaces and creating a basic meditation garden are two landscaping ideas that homeowners can achieve without spending a lot of money or investing much time. These ideas also maximize the use of space in a home's lot.


Landscaping is the process of improving the look of a particular piece of land by planting shrubbery, flowers, grass and/or trees on it. It sometimes involves changing the contour of the land to make it more appealing or more useful.