Temporarily repair dentures at home using Super Glue to glue a fallen tooth back into its denture cavity. If the dentures are broken in half or cracked, they must be taken to a dentist for repair, according to Texas Dent... More »

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According to Dental Comfort Zone, super glue, such as Krazy Glue, is a very convenient product that is perfect for a quick, temporary fix when dealing with broken dentures. Super glue is also great at stopping bleeding a... More »

It may be possible to fix broken dentures with superglue or a denture repair kit. In most cases, however, it is best to have broken dentures repaired by a dentist or other experienced professional. More »

A person's front bottom teeth can hurt for a variety of reasons, including gum inflammation, a cavity, tooth decay, a cracked tooth, nerve root exposure or pulp inflammation. The treatment for a toothache of the bottom f... More »

According to WebMD, pericoronitis occurs when the wisdom tooth partially erupts through the gums, allowing bacteria to enter the cavity and cause an infection. The high risk of wisdom tooth infection, or pericoronitis, m... More »

As of 2015, the average cost for getting a cavity filled at the dentist is about $170 for a front tooth filling and $183 for a molar filling, according to NerdWallet. However, these averages are based on national costs, ... More »

Cavities in children are treated in the same way as those in adults: by drilling the cavity from the tooth and using a filling to repair the tooth. Fillings can be made from composite or silver amalgam. In the case of a ... More »