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Dental insurance is financial coverage for preventative and treatment-based dental health care. A person pays a dental health insurance provider premiums in exchange for guaranteed payments of benefits on covered services. Many people participate in group-based PPO or HMO provider network plans.


While Medicaid is a popular resource for adults with low income, there are many other programs that offer free or low-cost dental care, reports Medicare Interactive. These options include free and reduced-cost dental care clinics, donated dental service programs and dental schools.


A dental infection, or abscessed tooth, causes an ongoing toothache, swollen neck glands, fever, tooth sensitivity or foul-smelling breath, explains WebMD. Other symptoms include swelling gums or jaw, painful chewing, general discomfort, a bitter taste in the mouth, and an open, draining sore in the


A low-income family can qualify for reduced or free dental care through the government program Medicaid/SCHIP or by qualifying for a low-cost policy through private insurance providers and employers. Also, there are some charity programs that assist with the cost of dental care for families with low


Original Medicare limits coverage for dental and vision care to only a few exceptions, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Some dental procedures secondary to certain conditions and treatments are covered. Some preventive and diagnostic eye exams are covered, notes Medicare.go


Medicaid coverage varies by state and does not include dental benefits for adults in all states. As of 2015, while most states offer at minimum emergency dental services, less than half provide comprehensive dental coverage, according to Medicaid.gov.


Individual states decide whether or not to offer dental insurance for adults under the Medicaid program, explains Medicaid.gov. However, states must provide dental coverage to children covered by Medicaid.


Dental payment plans are special payment arrangements that make it easier for people to pay for dental care. Instead of paying a large amount all at once, the patient makes installment payments until the balance is paid in full.


Dentistry From The Heart is an nonprofit organization that offers free dental care for seniors. Numerous clinics operated by government agencies or independent groups also offer dental care such as cleaning, filling and extractions at no charge.


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