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Democritus was said to be born in the city of Abdera in Thrace, an Ionian colony of Teos, although some called him a Milesian. He was born in the 80th Olympiad (460–457 BC) according to Apollodorus of Athens, and although Thrasyllus placed his birth in 470 BC, the later date is probably more likely.


492 BCE - Democritus' Discovery Aprroximate date. One of the creators of the first basis for the Atomic Theory which stated that all objects are made up of little indestructible and indivisible things called atoms.


The precise date and location of Democritus birth is the subject the debate. While most sources claim he was born in Abdera, located in the northern Greek province of Thrace, around 460 BCE ...


Democritus: Democritus, ancient Greek philosopher, a central figure in the development of philosophical atomism and of the atomic theory of the universe. His works reportedly numbered 73, though only a few hundred fragments have survived, mostly from his treatises on ethics. Learn more about Democritus’s life and theories.


Democritus (b.Abdera, Thrace, fl. late fifth century b.c.) physics, mathematics.. There were two main chronologies current in antiquity for Democritus. According to the first, which was followed by Epicurus among others, Democritus was the teacher of the Sophist Protagoras of Abdera and was born soon after 500 b.c. and died about 404 b.c.


Democritus was born in approximately the year 460 BC so he couldn't have made his discovery at around the age of 10.


Democritus and his mentor Leucippus discovered the first atom theory. They believed that everything is made of tiny things that never get deleted, they can only be moved or changed. They discovered this on Jan 1st 492 BC. Democritus thought that the things in his theory (atoms) were all invisible and exactly alike.


Democritus surmised or reasoned (rather than discovered) that matter was made of small particles , which he called atoms, floating in a void or vacuum.


Democritus, an ancient Greek philosopher, was not the first to propose an atomic theory, as his mentor Leucippus originally proposed it. Democritus adopted the theory, developed it further, and provided a more detailed and systematic view of the physical world.


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