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Both demi-permanent and semi-permanent hair color dye can be applied at a salon or at home. The are two main differences between demi and semi-permanent hair color: the duration the color lasts and how deeply the dye penetrates the hair shaft.


If you're concerned about damage to your hair, avoid demi-permanent color. While the damage it causes is minimal, it's still more of a risk than with semi-permanent hair color. Because demi-permanent color opens up the cuticle slightly, there is a chance hair will feel frizzy and dry afterward.


The differences between semi, temporary, permanent and demi permanent hair color - and when and why you should use them. Demi-permanent hair color is a great option if you’re looking to extend time between salon visits or using an at-home permanent color.


DEMI- & SEMI-PERMANENT FAQS What is demi-permanent color? Demi-permanent color contains no ammonia and deposits only. It is mixed with a low-volume developer to help open the cuticle and lasts up to 24 shampoos. This type of color is great for blending gray, enhancing natural color, refreshing color, toning highlights, or for corrective work.


Know what is demi-permanent and semi-permanent hair color. This article explains the difference between demi-permanent vs semi-permanent hair color based on its usage and application, hair color efficacy, hair color and damage, and hair color and after care.


Demi-permanent hair color is ammonia-free, so its molecules get under the outer cuticle of the hair shaft but, unlike permanent dye, doesn’t penetrate the strand. Instead, they wrap around the hair’s cuticle, creating a coating of color that’s gradually washed away. Think of demi-permanent hair color as a lip stain.


Many hair color brands offer semi-permanent and demi-permanent color treatments. These are a gentler (and more non-commital) alternative to permanent coloring. First, let’s go over the difference between semi and demi. Semi-permanent doesn’t contain peroxide…meaning it can only cover what is lighter than it. Demi-permanent has a bit of ...


Demi-Permanent vs Semi-Permanent. We now know the actual demi vs semi-permanent hair color difference, but to get a better idea of which one to choose, we’ve come up with an easy to follow list: Semi-permanent hair color is less damaging on the hair, however, it does not last as long as demi-permanent hair color.


There are two parts to the permanent process: opening up the hair shaft and adding color. Semi permanent color, also called hair gloss, simply adds color. So the main difference is that semi permanent color doesn't open up your hair shaft before adding color. Of course, there's a lot more to it than that.


Semi-Permanent and Demi-Permanent Hair Color: Semi-permanent and demi-permanent hair colors are similar in the way they work, but slightly different in their formulation. Semi-permanent color is designed to deposit color onto the hair only and has no lightening effect.