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A magnetic ink character recognition, or MICR, spec sheet is used to provide a check printer with information needed to print checks or deposit slips for a customer. This information is typically required when ordering from a third-party check printer, not one's own bank.


Frequently Asked Questions. ... If not, we'll tell you how to get an MICR Specification Sheet. It's easy. Q. What payment methods are available? A. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for orders placed through our online ordering system. ... Is it safe to reorder checks through this Web site? A. Yes. Deluxe uses a secure ...


cartridges must be clearly labeled "MICR" toner. (Please note: Magnetic 8 The amount field must be left blank when printing checks or deposit tickets. ink is not available for inkjet printers.) 9 All documents must conform to the specifications on this sheet as well as to those set forth by


Generic MICR Fundamentals Guide iii ... Describes MICR document print quality specifications, the tools available to determine if a document is within specifications, and general operator maintenance procedures. ... Deluxe Check Printers had the task of translating the


The links below provide you with a Magnetic Ink Printing Specifications (MICR) Spec Sheet. This information is to be provided to your check printer when reordering checks or deposit slips. Please note that this information is not necessary if your check and deposit ticket orders are made through PNC.

www.diversified-graphics.com/MICR SPECS.pdf

MICR SPECIFICATIONS REQUEST In order to process your order, we must have an actual sample of your check with the correct MICR line or this MICR specification sheet filled out. Starter checks, counter checks, deposit slips, etc., are not accepted because they do not reflect the appropriate positioning of the numbering.


The MICR code line contains up to 59 character positions numbered 1 to 59 from right to left. The MICR line is contained within a clear band which is 5/8 inch deep and positioned along the bottom of a document. The MICR line must be in a 1/4-inch strip centred in the 5/8 inch Clear Band. There is a 1/4 inch clear zone at both ends of the code line.


Components of a Check 1. Check or Serial Number 6. Legal Amount of Check 2. Fractional Routing Transit No. 7. Drawee Institution 3. Date 8. Memo Line 4. Payee 9. Signatures 5. Convenience Amount of Check 10. Clear MICR Band Personal Check 243 . 65-7783/2550 _____ DATE . PAY TO THE . ORDER OF


If you are not signed up for Online Banking, you can still reorder checks. Visit the Deluxe website to do so. Ordering checks over the phone: To reorder personal checks by phone, contact Deluxe at 877.838.5287. For business checks, call 800.559.6134. Please have your account number and routing number handy.


Example-Business Check: Enter Actual MICR Data: (Use a capital letter “U” for the C On-Us symbol) A A 43 42 41 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 987654321 000678431C 1001 Example-Personal Check: MICR Specification Sheet Customer Information: Bank Information: Business Check Personal Check ...