A proprietary database is a database that is privately owned and password protected. It is usually unavailable to the general public, and a person who wishes to access its contents must first purchase rights from its own... More »

Statutory rights, also referred to as civil rights, are rights that are defined by the laws of the place in which they are granted to citizens, according to US Legal. For example, the rights to vote or hold property are ... More »

Minority rights are rules and laws that are designed to legally protect the members of a non-dominant racial or ethnic group. These rules and laws are developed to meet the distinctive needs of these non-dominant groups,... More »

Notable examples of proprietary software include Microsoft Windows, iTunes, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash Player. Certain operating systems based on UNIX, which typically employ the open-source model, are also propriet... More »

Proprietary software generally gives users access to customer service departments and lets them pick and choose salient features but may be expensive for companies to produce. In many aspects of business and the corporat... More »

Windows users can rest their forgotten passwords by using a password reset disk or via another administrator account on the computer. Users whose computer is part of a domain should directly contact their system administ... More »

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"Windows iniciar sesión" is Spanish for "Windows login" and is the screen for signing into a Windows device using a person's username and password. Depending on the version of Windows, the user may choose to link the ope... More »

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